MusicPax is simply an aggregation platform. We use third-party APIs and catalog links from YouTube®, Soundcloud® and Vimeo® under their terms of service guidelines. We basically allow users to compile their favorite music from multiple sources. This is all gathered in one hub (MusicPax) using an elegant and clean easy-to-use interface. Avid collectors who store their collections in the cloud can even compile direct links from their Amazon® S3 containers. The beauty is that the media we embed provides extended exposure and payments to the artists. So when you watch or listen to an embedded YouTube video, the artists gets additional exposure, views and revenue.

As stated above, our media is embedded from YouTube®, Soundcloud® and Vimeo® under their terms of service guidelines. This adds an addition level of protection for the artists as any illegal content that is reported to these providers, once removed is no longer available through MusicPax.

Any illegal content that is reported to us is forwarded on to the third-party resources. We strive to present the only officially endorsed media from the artists and labels. When we flag an item as illegal, it is immediately removed, then forwarded to our third-party sources. Any media posted via a user's Amazon® S3 cloud container cannot be "shared" and can only be seen within an individual user's account, who claims ownership or legal usage, as stated in our Terms of Service.

The number of songs are nearly unlimited as you will have access to all songs on YouTube®, Soundcloud® and Vimeo®, as well as any media that you store personally in the cloud.
All media that is viewed through the Musicpax platform is paid for based on the third-party's individual terms of service and payment agreements. MusicPax does not pay artists directly in any way, however our extended reach does increase the exposure and pay for the artists by the third party media providers such as YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo.
All media sources are clearly indicated in the player window. We recommend that you report any illegal media or copyright infringement to the original sources (YouTube®, Soundcloud® and Vimeo®). You may report illegal media or copyright infringement to MusicPax directly, and we will forward this on to the original sources. Note that YouTube®, Soundcloud® and Vimeo® have very clear regulations that handle copyright issues and are very diligent in policing these matters. Due to the nature of our aggregation platform, media of all types are compiled from a host of sources (similar to Pinterest). We take copyright infringement very seriously and will remove any media we determine to be violating our Terms of Service agreement. It is our mission to support the artists and create additional revenue sources in support of them.
Any artist or label that has media on the MusicPax platform is required to register a paypal account if they would like to participate in the "Tip The Artist" feature (coming soon). All tips (100%) go directly into the artists account. If you are an artist, label or legal owner, email artist[a]musicpax.com. We will reply with a phone call and verification instructions.